Jaime Nevitt. Artist. Creator. Doer.

Statue with Mask

Jaime Nevitt is a Canadian artist and designer. Nevitt studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design under the primary direction of Ted Hallman and William Hodge in the late 1990s. Later Nevitt went on to study in Florence, Italy; drawing, painting and journalism. While there, she absorbed the taste, sights and smells of historic Italy commencing her love for the Italian Renaissance. Through glass, handmade paper and textiles, Nevitt expressed her passion for Italy and the Renaissance incorporating sculpture, architecture and organic subjects using spatial analysis to explore the relationships that merged between these places.

Nevitt also spent time at Sheridan College studying glassblowing and photography where she developed strong skills in visual balance, form, and movement in both disciplines that would prove value in her current work.

Over the past 20 years, Nevitt has built relationships with several artists, craftspeople, and designers specializing in many mediums. Her ability and passion for curating comes from years of being involved with various arts communities. As the Executive Director of the Headwaters Arts Festival, she curated many shows and managed the HAF Gallery at the Historic Alton Mill. She spent several years teaching at the Guelph School of Art, Taylor Statten Camps, and Camp Gay Venture in addition to running the Trillium Orangeville Arts Centre with Executive Art Director, Mary Delmage.

COVID-19 has played a significant role in the direction of life. With altered

pathways comes time for rejuvenation and change. We must adapt to

these unforeseen circumstances. As a resident of Niagara, Ontario, I

want to help patrons and businesses plan for their future. With

safety first, I am able to offer customization of masks and buffs

to illustrate company logos, images, slogans, taglines and


Inquiries welcome!

Be safe and stay healthy!